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The Story Of Mwamali Muthiani Of How He Was Found By His Family After Seven Years Of Missing

The family of Mwamali Muthiani in Masinga, Machakos are shedding tears of joy after finding their long lost son, He was reported to have gotten lost in Kenyatta National Hospital where he went for his headache treatment.

He was away from home for seven good years, the family explains of how they have been searching for him, they have explained of how they have been to hospitals hoping to find him, they have also said that they have also searched funeral homes for him.

Her wife explains while shedding tears how she was worried, she says that she has been having sleepless nights praying for him, and that she believes God has answered her prayers. She is so happy to see her husband back alive and in good health.

A sister from Mercy Servant Of The Poor Foundation explains to the reporters how they have been nursing and treating him for three years. She explains that he was received there and when asked for his family, he did not remember anything, his memory was lost. But she says that she is glad Muthiani is finally back to his family.

Content created and supplied by: Rosemary Likare (via Opera News )

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