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Matatu Operators Should Stop Being Rowdy and Childish When They Spot Female Pedestrians

If you are a public transport service user then you must have witnessed this in many PSV stages and you'll agree with me after reading this article. Matatu operators especially in Nairobi will do anything to convince passengers to board their vehicles. It is a good move yes, however, there is this habit by operators when they Spot beautiful women seeking to board a Matatu, that they should desist from.

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I'm talking about the adolescent reaction of shouting and doing all manner of acrobatics while approaching ladies to board matatus or escorting them to vehicles they have chosen. If you are a regular visitor to most stages, you must have witnessed how touts behave when they Spot beautiful women, and we must agree that the behaviours are no different from those of adolescent young boys trying to show their might to some little adolescent girls. They shout around, like trying to fight one another for this single woman, some hugging her to try convince her and so many other reactions.

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The rowdiness caused around these ladies make them insecure. In as much as many will find excitement in beautiful ladies in revealing clothes boarding their vehicles, some will join the spectators with bad intentions. That's where things like sexual harassments and robberies take place. When a group of touts, all existed, run towards a lady and surround her to convince her to their vehicles, some rouge individuals will take advantage of the situation and incorporate absurdity into the rowdy procedure.

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This not only applies to ladies, but matatu operators should stop this habit of ganging up around possible passengers in a bid to convince them to their vehicles. Beside winning passengers over, they create crime scenes. I'm writing this because on Friday 1st October, a female friend was celebrated that way and escorted by touts as she boarded a vehicle back home from work. She only realised after she was seated in the vehicle that her handbag was open and her phone and some other items stolen.

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I'm starting to think this over excitement by matatu operators when they see passengers, especially ladies heading towards their stages is a well orchestrated plan to rob these passengers. It's should stop.

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