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Popular MP Makes a Bizarre Suggestion to the Drought Problem; Kenyans React With Fiery Responses

The Kenyan Twitter community has been buzzing with mixed reactions following the bizarre suggestion made by Kangundo MP, Fabian Muli, on how to tackle the ongoing drought in the country. The MP suggested that pumping water from the Indian Ocean into Lake Victoria and then distributing it to all Kenyans would be the solution to the water shortage problem.

However, this idea has been met with skepticism, as it is both impractical and illogical. One of the major flaws in MP Fabian Muli's proposal is the fact that ocean water is salty, whereas the water in Lake Victoria is fresh. This means that it would require extensive and expensive desalination processes to make the ocean water safe for human consumption.

Additionally, the logistical challenges of pumping water from the Indian Ocean to Lake Victoria, which is located over 200 km away, are enormous and would require a considerable amount of time, money, and resources. Many Kenyans have expressed their disappointment with MP Fabian's suggestion, arguing that leaders should be more logical when making such proposals.

One Twitter user went further to blame those who elected him, saying, "I don't blame him, I blame those who took him to parliament." This statement reflects the growing frustration among Kenyans who feel that their elected leaders are not making sensible decisions that address their needs and concerns.

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