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Madiba Relocates with His Family To Where Gerald Was Living After Being Chased Away by Milton

After they were chased from the Chibale's home they had nowhere to go but other than where their biological father Gerald was living. He went with all his family including Kwame and Zalena. Lila and Fila were shocked to see the kind of place they were taken to and told their father why is he mistreating them but Zalena warn her for disrespecting her dad.

Madiba had been shown earlier the size of his father's land and the size each of them will have. Kwame was shown him and was told that he must sell his share so that he can pay the lawyer for killing His wife Alma. Kwame is a bit angry at Madiba but the fact is that her mother and he know what happened to Alma but they don't want to accept.

Madiba will leave them staring at each other and go with his kids to say hello to Mzee Simba. Mzee Simba Will be happy to see Madiba with His children. Lila and Fila will go to have a look at the cows while Madiba will have a talk with Mzee Simba.

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