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Facts bout Ilimanyang community

Nearly two to Three centuries ago a Turkana man called ilimanyang married a woman from the minority El -molo in the neighboring marsabit county. The results was the ilimanyang minority group with their existence depending on water , their condition appears among males. Their skin disorder is passed from father to their male children due (genetic mutation).

This group of people with rare disorder from the minority ilimanyang community live at kapaa village on the shores of lake Turkana in Kenya . There about 39 people in the community at moment . Due rare condition most community die at young age and so for Year .

Adult members of the minority group have only two teeth out of the normal 32 . They carry water on jar Cool they bodies because they do not have pores on they skin for breathing or sweating during hot season.

They don't have hair on they head .

The community has been calling for special recognition as a community with a rare disorder so that health authorities closely monitor them and give them increased attention.

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Ilimanyang Turkana


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