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Five Notable Murder Cases That Rocked Nakuru City in 2021 Leaving the Entire Country in a Panic Mood

Nakuru City despite being confirmed as a city, frequent murder has tainted city new City status.

In 2021, the city has been rocked with five major killings that left the entire country in a panic mode, with mny wondering what has become of the Kenyan society and why human beings had turned to be worse than animals.

Major murder cases that shock the entire country and throwing the security agencies into search for a policewoman who had then become a fugitive was that of Rogue policewoman Caroline Kagongo. Photo: Police Constable John Ogweno was allegedly shot dead by Corporal Caroline Kangogo

Kangogo was a main suspect for the murder of two men ,John Ogweno, a police officer and Peter Ndwiga, a businessman in Juja before going to hiding.

Ongweno was a police Constable at Nakuru Central Police Station, where he was a colleague and a lover to Kangogo. The two lived together.

On the fateful day, Kangogo and Ongweno are said to have engaged in a heated argument after he found her with a man in his house in the wee hours of the night.

After fleeing from the murder scene, she was later linked to another murder of Peter Ndwiga Njiru in Kiambu in a hotel where she is alleged to have shot him dead before fleeing..

In less than 24 hours, corporal Kangogo, a woman known to have lived a quiet life by her colleagues, suddenly turned to be a renowned suspected killer causing jitters among her close associates. She was later found dead at her parents bathroom at home in Iten where police insinuated that she had killed herself.

Another Nakuru murder, involved Dr. James Gakara, who killed his two children before trying to commit murder.

Gakara is said to have killed his two children by injecting them with insulin before injecting the same on self. The two kids died on the spot while Gakara died three days later while receiving treatment at Nakuru Level Five Hospital. Photo:Dr James Gakara, his two children Karuana Gakara, 3 and Dylan Gakara 5

Gakara is said to have committed the heinous crime while his wife was in Nairobi attending classes where she was pursuing a masters program.

In 9th, October, 2021, a body of a businessman identified as Daniel Mahinda was found inside his car at the Lake Nakuru National Park where investigating officers found two five 500ml bottles of an insecticide inside the car, one empty and the other three-quarters full.

Another Notable murder that happened in Nakuru County is that of a former Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology lecturer where Godfrey Kangogo is accused of killing Irene Jepchumba on July 6, 2018 at Choka Falls in Molo River within Nakuru County.Photo:Slain Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology tutor Irene Jepchumba. She allegedly fell in a river while taking selfie at River Molo in Rongai, Nakuru County

Kangogo is allegedly said to have pushed Jepchumba down the cliff of Choka Falls where she drowned to death while she was taking a selfie.

However, during his prosecution, Kangogo as vehemently denied pushing her but instead stake to his argument that she tripped and fell down.

The recent murder case was that involved confessed serial Killer Moses Kipchichir confessed having killed his wife and his lastborn son, and a businesswoman and burying their bodies at the banks of River Mogotio in Molo.

Photo: Veronicah Kanini whose body was found in a shallow grave in Mogotio, Baringo County.

Currently, the police are also investigating Kipchirchir's confession where he told the detectives that he had killed a fourth person believed to be a forest scout in 2012 and buried his body at Kiptunga Forest, Molo, which is part of the expansive Eastern Mau Forest.

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