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Two Boys Died On The Spot In Isiolo County After Mistaking Hand Grenade For Toy

The main question is sure we are having in mind now, is how on earth did such an incident occur and where did the hand grenade come from in the first place? Well, it is very hard to explain but we pray that their innocent souls may rest in peace.

Police in Isiolo are exploring the wellspring of a hand shot that detonated and discarded two youthful partners who were playing with the gadget accomplishing confusing it with a football. The youngsters made seven and eight, passed on after the shot detonated outer a home in Matarba town, Merti Sub-County, Isiolo. 

One of the youngsters passed on the spot while the other, who had been harmed, surrendered while being hustled to the middle for treatment. Police reports show the adolescents were playing outside the home of Dabaso Huka Golicha when the risky, which they confused with a ball, went off around 5 pm on Tuesday. 

It, regardless, stays dumbfounded whether the adolescents collected the contraption by the side of the road and offered it to the home or it had been set they're focusing in on Mr. Huka's family. 

Arranging appraisals show that the contraption might have been a hand shot as pellet openings on unequivocal compartments in the property and iron sheets were recuperated close to the youngster's body by the specialists who visited the horrible lead area. 

The occasion has been related to February's catch of an AK-47 rifle, two hand explosives, and 128 rounds of ammo and the catch of two men who were passing on the weapons in a vehicle along Yamicha-Duma street.

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