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Here is What Every Teacher Must Know About Carnal Knowledge as Stipulates in TSC Code of Ethics

Every profession has a code of ethic to adhere to. Teaching as a profession has code of ethics every teacher must follow. Following the recent case where a teacher has been judged 20 years jail for defiling a student. I am drowned to remind every teacher about what TSC ways about carnal knowledge.

According to TSC code of conduct and ethic, a teacher is bound to the following issues:

“A teacher shall not

(a} engage in any sexual activity whatsoever with a learner,

with learners.

regardless of whether the learner consents;

(b) make a request to, or exert pressure on. a learner for sexual

activity or favor; or

(c) flirt with a learner.

(2) For purposes of this paragraph, a teacher shall not: -

(a) send learners to their personal residences for whatever


(b) induce, coerce, threaten or intimidate a learner in any way

and particularly in regard to their academic performance, in

exchange for sexual relations; or

(c) facilitate non-disclosure or cover-up of cases of sexual

abuse against a learner.”

In regard to these ethics, every teacher must be very careful. Especially male teachers who are mostly victims of the situation. 

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