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Maajabu, See What The Main Suspect Did In A Helicopter After Being Caught Trying To Flee To Tanzania

The main suspect in the Valley Road incident has been finally caught by sleuths from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. The man who had earlier been identified as Zachariah Nyaora Obadia, was forensically put at the center of the crime after detectives run forensic analysis of the crime scene.

The suspect has earlier evaded arrest by swimming through sewer line after being cornered by DCI detectives.

He has been on the run for almost a week and today, as the common saying goes, "you can't escape government long arms" he was cornered at the Kenya-Tanzania border trying to flee the country.

However, the man has surprised many after he was caught by the detectives. The man posed in very calm posture even smiling at the cameraman.

The suspect was caught smiling heartily inside the helicopter he was being airlifted with to Nairobi.

The man was totally relaxed. However,in the courtroom, he will be facing very serious charges that might give him alot of time in jail.

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Kenya-Tanzania Valley Road Zachariah Nyaora


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