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'I Took 9 Bullets For A Friend' Richard Finally Gives His Story Since The Kasarani Shootings.

Can you take a bullet for a friend or even a family member? It takes a lot of sacrifice before on stands infront of a bullet just to save a loved one.

Speaking to the top online journalist, Lynn Ngugi, Richard Muema gives his story on how he faced the bullets. If you recall a year back, there is a video that trended of a man in a shop who tried to fight with thieves who were trying to rob a Mpesa shop in Kasarani.

Richard was just going on with his errands when he decided to enter the shop of his friends so that he can deposit some money. While in the shop the thieves entered and attacked the shopkeeper plus the customers. They were all lying down as ordered by the thieves. While robbing the shop, Richard decided to help the shopkeeper. He woke up and hit one of the thieves on the head. Unfortunately, he missed his target and that's when the thief fired the shots.

The thieves ran away and left Richard lying on the ground bleeding and unconscious. He had been shot with 9 bullets. He was rushed to the hospital and he was in the Coma for 2 weeks. The incident ruined his life as he stayed in the hospital for months. Currently, his stomach is not functioning properly.

Richard is grateful to God for another chance of living. He will go to history as a man who took 9 bullets and still alive just to save his friend.

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