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Road Accident

PHOTO: Mysterious Road That Submerges Under Water

A mysterious road that is found in France country in Western Europe has surprises many on social media especially when you see it's amazing nature. It has a population of 67,399,000 people and the country covers approximately 640,679 square kilometers of land, and the main language spoken is french.

The country it is surrounded by a huge mass of water originating from the popular Atlantic Ocean.This is what happens on the road, when the water tides rise, the road gets engulfed with water and therefore this makes it very dangerous for the vehicles passing on that road in that time.

Also their is no supervision or the person who informs the drivers when the water rises.This is dangerous as there are some animals that stay under water and can harm human being the moment the road submerges under the water.

It is said that people are only allowed to pass the road twice a day for a period of some few hours.

Can you pass on this road?

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