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Check Out This Skycraper Where Trees Are Planted Inside It To Absorb Carbon Dioxide

Architectures and civil engineers are always doing their best when it comes to designing buildings. Considering the environmental effects, a team from Taiwan came up with a beautiful skyscraper where a vertical forest has been included to make the building elegant. Zhu Yin Yuan skyscraper located in Taipei, Taiwan has adopted a great environmental impact after establishing a vertical forest consisting of 23,000 trees and shrubs throughout the whole building. The sole purpose of this was to absorb carbon dioxide and reduce global warming. The estimated amount of carbon dioxide that will be absorbed per year is 130 tons. Indeed this will bring great change to the environment as a whole. This great skyscraper was designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures and saw its completion in 2021. It is designed to mimic the double helix of a DNA. It includes 20 floors of luxury apartments and allows for great view of the sprawling city. What makes it to be amazing is that the trees are planted such that they do not affect any other businesses taking place in the skyscraper. This has provided a leeway for other architectural designs which will also help in conserving our environment and nature at large.

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