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"Death Trap" Kenyans Reacts After Spotting What The Contractor Is Erecting On Mombasa Road.

Mombasa road is one of the busiest highways that connects the Nairobi city's CBD to the neighbouring areas. The road is located adjacent to the 27.1-kilometre Nairobi Expressway.

The road records large volumes of traffic on a daily basis. Many traders transporting their goods to and from the Central Business District of Nairobi usually use Mombasa road.

Currently, there are ongoing construction work on the busy Mombasa highway. The contractor is redesigning and repairing parts of Mombasa road which was damaged by the construction work of the multi-billion Nairobi Expressway.

The construction work on Mombasa road has caught attention of concerned individuals after spotting the contractor erecting a curve at a diversion point that is near the Southern Bypass Exit A of Nairobi Expressway.

Online "engineers" have termed the erection of the curve on Mombasa road as a "death trap". Airing their views via Twitter, some concerned people online wants the contractor to remove the curve and replace it by a simple road painting.

Photo: Courtesy (Image from the scene, section of Mombasa road under construction)

The screenshots below shows how different people online have reacted to the ongoing erection of the curve on Mombasa road.


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