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Panic In Kitui As Goat Visit Sick Owner Admitted In Hospital, Does This While In Hospital

Kitui is a Kamba tribe country in central Kenya. Over the years the country has been widely known to be home of people who possess witchcraft, mainly for self protection against social evils like theft, murder and other injustice in the society.

Residents and medical officers were shocked when goat and hens arrived in a local hospital where their owner was receiving medication under the inpatient condition. At first people couldn't believe it until the animals went strait to the word he was admitted.

In other news, few months ago a snake was sent to attack a taxi driver in Kitui town. The snake dropped from a flying Vulture and upon accomplishing the mission the Vulture picked it again and flew away. Again people across the country were left wondering what exactly was going on.

People have been unable to understand what exactly witchcraft is and how it works. Some have went ahead and described it as a type of science which could be utilized positively to benefit the country. Others have condemned it saying it's satanic and against the teachings of the Holly Bible. Others don't believe in it at all.

Do you believe in witchcraft?

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