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Kisii Residents Asked To Avoid Forced Wife Inheritance

One politician from Kisii county,has criticised some old fashioned practices and social injustices imposed on widow's.Mr.Charles Otieno, was talking yesterday at Moticho ward in South Mugirango constituency.He also questioned why some denominations restricted widows from remarrying but did not tell their male counterparts the same

He was adressing Mourners during the burial of Wilfred Mokua of Moticho village. Mokua died seven years later after they had diffed with his wife,who returned home to stay with her parents.Before the separation, the couples had given birth to three daughters.That one,according to the widow Judy Mokua,was one of the causes of the separation;the husband denounced his wife because she did not give birth to child.

Speaking to Opera news,the widow gave other reasons for their separation.She cited wife battering,drunkardness and general disrespect from the husband."I chose returning to my parents' home rather than leading a miserable life.'She said.When the husband died,she narrated,her brothers -inlaw followed her. They wanted her to come and bury the husband.It was at this point,her parents demanded pride price from their inlaws before releasing her. Two cows were paid then she proceeded to her matrimonial home

Three days after the burial,her brothers inlaw,started to scramble amongst themselves for forced wife inheritance.The Vilagers intervened and restrained them.They advised the brothers to seek her consent instead of forcing hphoto:Throthers(Middle)

The widow remained firm. She told the villagers to stop interfering with her religious beliefs.However,the villagers insisted that she should be inherited by one of the brothers inlaw,to enable her get a son.Giving birth to a son,they argued,will continue the family of the her late husband.Area chief Japhet Miruka called for peace to prevail.He promised to use the law to make peace among the family members.

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