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Estimated Cost of Drilling Borehole in Kenya.

Water is one of essential commodities in one's life. It's ironical that three quarters of earth is covered by water but we have people who can't access enough water for daily usage. In Kenya, most semi arid zones receives low rainfall. People in these areas are most likely to lack enough water for their usage and that why government came up with water conservation measures. These measures involves construction of earth dams to boast volume of water during dry season. Of recent, county governments have embraced drilling of boreholes as a way of curbing water problems.

Drilling a Borehole is not a cheap and simple task as many thinks but it involves a series of events. Before you decide to drill a boreholes you have to collaborate with ministry of environment and also water resource management agency. These two agencies approves the report of hydrogeological engineer who must take a research on the place of drilling the borehole and assess the deep of water table. These two activities needs some cash which increases the cost of drilling. Other factors which determines the cost of drilling is the underground depth of getting water. Different areas have different depth of water tables due to kind of underlying rocks. In some areas you can get water at 150 metres but in other areas you have to dig more than 250 metres. One metre may cost between 5 to 7k, so the more the depth the higher the cost.

Additional cost is associated with piping and water pump installation on the borehole. A powerful pump should be installed inorder to pump water from the borehole efficiently. On estimated cost a 200 metres borehole can be drilled at cost of 1.9 to 2.4 million taking into consideration of above factors discussed. Thanks for reading this article.

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