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Funeral Halted For Some Time After An Old Man Was Caught Doing This In A Dead Woman's Coffin.

A funeral in Kakamega county was forced to stop for some minutes after drama erupted while the event was ongoing. As reported by TUKO, a 60 years old man attended that burial ceremony but his intentions were not to give the dead a good send off. He also did not come to comfort the family and people have been left wondering why he really had to visit that place. It has been reported that the man sneaked and went to where the coffin had been placed. He waited until people finished viewing the body and and he came to where that coffin was. It has been reported that one member in that funeral saw him removing two eggs from his pocket. Hoping that nobody saw him, he placed one egg next to the head and the other on the left side of the coffin. People actually shouted and they made everyone notice he was doing something evil. They moved close and told him to remove the eggs. People demanded explanation as to why he had the eggs and why he was putting them secretly in the coffin. He never responded to questions asked. Elders performed some rituals and the funeral went on.

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