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Road Accident

What The Driver Of Trailer Which Killed 3 People Did After The Accident, Eye Witness Reveals

A number of drivers are to blame for the accident that occurred in the countryside. Additionally, some of them are driving recklessly, and as a result, they have been blamed for creating accidents. As a result of these unfortunate events, hundreds of people in Kenya are now in grief, and some innocent children have been left without parents.

According to the source, brand new information has now surfaced on what the driver of the trailer did immediately after the accident that resulted in the deaths of three passengers in Nakuru. According to the most recent news that was distributed by a credible source at this hour, it has been disclosed that eye witnesses who were there during the accident have indicated that the driver departed the scene of the accident shortly after it occurred. In addition, it has been established that three passengers perished at the scene of the accident that occurred in the morning, and that several other passengers were injured.

This just came in after reports of incidents that are very similar to this one have been reported across the country. The majority of accidents are brought either by negligent driving or difficulties with the vehicles themselves. The NTSA should conduct safety checks on every vehicle in the country and also arrest anyone who breaks the law. It is a terrible thing that hundreds of people have to perish because of accidents.

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