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Story Of A Man Called The 'King Of Snakes' Who If He Meets A Stranger It Rains Immediately And

In the rural area of Kinyarwanda lives a man whose story has shocked many with just the kind of lifestyle he lives. Today we share perhaps one of the scariest story, the story of Karichezi, a man who lives with different snakes and does a lot of wonders.

Karichezi, calls himself the 'King of Snakes' and has built a small house outside where his snakes keeps. Everyone in the village is afraid of him and no one ever gets close to him or even his house except for his family members and siblings who says that it is a gift from their great grandfathers who pass it on to the children.

In addition to keeping snakes, the villagers says that whenever he is visited by someone whom he has never met or he does not know, it must rain. According a video uploaded by Afrimax on YouTube, they witnessed this and it was him who made the rain stop.

Furthermore, they say that he is able to live with the snakes because he removes the fang from the snakes and that way they cannot at all harm him. Fang, is a snakes long pointed tooth that is associated with a venom gland and this is where the venom is carried from the snake into a persons body.

However, he proved otherwise because the snakes he has have all the fang and are still wild and very poisonous just like they should be. According to Karichezi, the snakes comes to him by themselves and he agrees to take care of it and make it his own.

One might wonder how or even feeds them, well they feed on chicken it is what he has to get them no matter the condition. However, people take it as a form of sacrifice because they believe he is into witchcraft and black magic. This makes them fear him that no one even want to visit or talk to him and according to him he accepted this because he loves what he is doing and there's no reason to stop.

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