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World's Oldest Person Dies In Japan Aged 119 Years

On Monday, the oldest woman in the world passed away aged 119 years. Reports given by AFP stated that Kane Tanka was bone on January 2, 1903 in Fukuoka, Japan. This time is remembered in history as the first time that the Wright Brothers made their first flight introducing the first aeroplane and the first time a woman won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Tanaka has lived a normal health life where she participated in solving mathematical problems and playing board games. Just recently before she passed away, Tanaka was taken to a nursing home where she has been staying. Tanaka was married in 1922 and blessed with four children.

In 2019, the Guinness World Records identified her as the oldest person living. A local governor from Japan said that he was very saddened by her death as he had expected to see her during the Aged Day which is a day in Japan set aside to celebrate the elderly people.

“I was looking forward to seeing Kane-san on this year’s Respect for the Aged Day (a national holiday in September) and celebrating together with her favourite soda and chocolate,” he said in a statement on Monday.

According to statistics made by the World Bank, Japan has the highest number of elderly people majority of whom are over 65 years. Jeanne Louise Calment still considered the oldest human ever recorded by the Guinness World Records. She passed away in 1997 aged 122. Follow the page for more news updates daily.

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