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"This Is Stupidity" Reactions as Man And a Woman Fights in a Bar Over a Seat Causing Drama (Video)

Bars and pubs are places where people visit to have their favourite drinks and enjoy themselves. These places help people relieve their stresses and relax their minds after a long day of work. However, excessive use of alcoholic beverages is harmful to someone's health.

A man and a woman yesterday got engaged in a fight over a mere seat in a bar. The bar was full to the brim with customers who went to enjoy their drinks and have fun. The video was shared by Nairobi Gossip Club on their Instagram page.

However, neither the identity of the man and woman involved in the fight nor that of the bar was revealed.

In the video, a woman donned in a yellow dress and a man dressed in a white t-shirt and a white pair of trousers were having a fight in the bar. According to Nairobi Gossip Club, it's alleged that a disagreement occurred between the two over a mere seat which then led to a fracas.

The man was spotted while mercilessly beating up the woman who was lying on the ground. However, bouncers at the bar together with other men could not let him continue beating up the woman.

The bouncers immediately separated the man from the helpless woman. They then disciplined him by giving him a few blows as they took him away. A man donned in black pair of trousers and a white t-shirt helped the woman to get back on her feet.

The woman was forced to cover her breasts with her hands as they were exposed. She then picked her belongings which had spread on the ground and put them back in her purse.

Click the link below to watch the video:

The post sparked mixed reactions online from netizens. While some people described the incident as stupidity and that men in this era are very petty, others said that the man might have acted in self defence. 

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