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[Video] Night Drama as a Man Fights Police Officer During an Arrest Past Curfew

Drama ensued after a group of police officers tried to arrest several people at some minutes past curfew.

According to a video uploaded by a police page, a man gave some officers a hard time as they tried to arrest him.

The seemingly drunk man was heard picking up a fight with the officers who were ordering them to get into a vehicle during an arrest.

A heated altercation broke between the officer and the drunk man, who threw insult of all kind at the middle-aged officer.

Things went south after the agitated drunk man threw a glass full of alcohol to the ground as he got ready to fight down the officer.

In the video, a group of police officers flocked to the scene where he was subdued and ferried to the waiting vehicle.

Since President Uhuru Kenyatta gave some strict to follow directives, many Kenyans have landed on the wrong side of the law.

A majority have been arrested for flaunting the set covid guidelines, many have been arrested partying past curfew hours.

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