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Five Things Never to Say to a Police Officer When You're Arrested

In the recent past, cases of police officers getting into deadly altercations with the public have been on the rise and in some instances, they have ended up with someone getting shot.

Picture courtesy. An arrest by police officers.

As witnessed in Kianjokama a few months ago where two young brothers were killed and most recently on Kirinyaga Road in Nairobi where a Bodaboda rider was killed, it's imperative to know what not to say to a cop.

Here are a few things that you should avoid when you are arrested by the police in Kenya:

Do You Know Who is my Father

When arrested this is one of the most common things that Kenyans say to the police if they know their father has some rank in the government.

This is kind of a threat and police officers will take it that you are trying to get them fired or transferred to Lodwar.

So, avoid making any allusions to how high and mighty your father is in the government.

Police arrest man in coast. Picture courtesy.

Usinishike Ivo

This is another mistake that many Kenyans are prone to make when they are taken into custody by the police.

Don't hold me like that is so common and it's a very aggressive term to say to the police so try and avoid it all times if possible.

I Know My Rights

Another term that is often commonly thrown around by people who are arrested and in actuality, many are unaware of what their rights are when arrested.

So, avoid this term unless you are absolutely sure of what you are talking about to the police.

Picture courtesy. Police officers.

I Will Call my Lawyer

This is another thrown around term alleging that you are high and mighty and you have access to a lawyer.

This in most cases will only provoke a police officer which will lead to an altercation that might end up ugly for you.

I Have The IG's Number

Alluding that you are well connected in the hierarchy of the police when in real sense you may be not, could be dangerous for you.

And you might not actually have access to the Inspector General despite having his number as your crime has nothing to do with him.

Picture courtesy.

So, ensure that you avoid saying these things so that police are not pissed off at you and things become difficult for you.

Content created and supplied by: KimaniOsoro21 (via Opera News )

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