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Empty promises of peace Empty classes in Olmoran Laikipia county

Empty classrooms with no inhabitants is the picture that will greet you once you visit Olmoran in Laikipia county.Countless efforts have been put in the area to curb insecurity but the process must take its own cause.

Children are being denied education as bandits struggle to raid villages and escape with cows.It is now clear they are more than determined to continue raiding and threatening the peace of Olmoran.The bandits are enjoying a constant flow of bullet supplies and food stuffs as they continue attacking unarmed citizens.

The fear among the residents has resulted to pupils deserting classes and remain at home where some safety is guaranteed.

There have been several attacks by the bandits in broad daylight and residents have lost thousands of animals.Lives have been lost since the bandits are armed and property of uncountable value burned to ashes.

There has been consistent attacks on National police Reserviced where some have died and others have been left nursing injuries.If the Bandits can dare attack armed men ,the fear to send children to school have consumed parents.

Previously the Bandits came out of their hideouts and burned Meligut school in broad daylight and in full glare of police officers.The courage exhibited by these bandits have left the area residents melting with fear.

The generation of young children needs to be guarded and hence life is more important compared to education.This is a big loss since the ongoing violence have made pupils loose a lot of school time.The dreams being shattered in Olmoran will be felt much later in life.

Who will rescue Olmoran and allow it wash in everlasting peace is the question in the mind of most Kenyans.The salvation of this land from bandits needs a new set of tactics.The deployment of detailed security profile is just one step towards peace.

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