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Here Is A Case Where A Night Runner Was Arrested Wearing A Leopard Skin See Photos

One fan by the name Soko Analyst on twitter has shared information that a night runner was arrested dressed in leopard skin getting ready in the evening.

All over the world many people believe that witchcrafts and night runners exists.But nobody has never confessed that he has seen on apart from this example.

This is what he posted on twitter

A night runner arrested dressed in Leopard skin getting ready in the evening. Interesting. 📷 Courtesy"

Fans Reactions on twitter,

Jack:He's refered to as "Ntonkuri" in's is one of the ceremonies during boys' intiation.

Jack:What led to the arrest is that most of the young men accompanying him became unruly and stoned cars along Meru-Maua road hence police intervened.

Tony:Check the wildlife conservation act, he's in possession of a wildlife trophy.

Maingi:The possession of a leopard skin its an offence. Secondly what was the purpose and intention!!

Joy:But the picture was taken during broad daylight 😀😀

Doryn:You meet this one at night, you start believing in horror movies 😅

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Leopard Soko Analyst


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