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Prepare For The Heavy Rains From 12th-16th June If You Live In The Following Parts Of The Country

The Kenya Meteorological Department has come up with a comprehensive plan of establishing a seismic data tide gauge network in Kenya. The three tidal gauges have been already been installed while acquisition of broadband seismometers is underway. Therefore, Kenya Meteorological Department has the following roles, provision of Meteorological and climatological services to agriculture, forestry, water management, civil aviation and private sector including industry, commerce and public utilities for better exploitation of natural resources for national development. They also provide meteorological services for to shipping in western India Ocean.

The Kenya Meteorological Department is also paramount because it organises and administers surface and upper air meteorological observations within area of responsibility. Therefore, weather forecasts needs to be devolved to the counties in developing strong early warning. Kenya Meteorological Department should enhance its efforts in awareness creation and public understanding of weather services. This will lead to increased uptake and confidence in applying the weather knowledge in alleviating risks in the society.


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