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4 Mistakes To Avoid If a Police Stops You For Questioning

Getting pulled over by the police is an unavoidable occurrence in a civil society that cannot be eliminated entirely. When police officers receive information that criminal activity is taking place in a specific area, they are frequently issued this command. Because of this, there are some unpleasant attitudes that people should aim to avoid whenever they are stopped by the police for inspection by the officers.

1. Don't Argue With Them

According to an American website, arguing with a police officer is not a sensible move because they are only trying to safeguard the lives and property of every citizen, as they swore when they were sworn into their positions. Instead, pay close attention and properly assert your civic rights without causing a commotion.

2. Never engage in physical combat with a police officer.

Attacking a police officer deems a person to be an obstructionist of the law and order that governs a specific area. Consequently, police officers may be required to apprehend an attacker, even if they do so under the pretext of protecting civil rights. As a result, no matter how heated the situation becomes, make sure you refrain from engaging in such violent behavior.

3. Don't Run Away

Many citizens take advantage of this situation by speeding away in their vehicles whenever they receive a'stop order' from a police officer on the beat. This move has the potential to generate civil disturbance since the officer would be required to follow after the suspect, believing that the suspect has most likely committed an offense and is fleeing as a result of the officer's actions.

4. Don't Resist Arrest

If the situation escalates to the point that one is placed under arrest by the officer, it is preferable to remain calm and follow the officer's instructions. A civilian should never oppose an arrest since police officers are members of an executive branch of government with the authority granted by the constitution to maintain law and order. In the event that the situation turns tense, it is best to retain the services of an attorney for legal defense.

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