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How To Avoid Being Stupefied While In Bars And Entertainment Joints

A plot by two women to make a killing after stupefying an unsuspecting reveler in Mwea backfired after police disrupted their plan.This cases are on rise especially in urban areas.Sometimes it's not easy to identify them .I have a hint on how to avoid them.

According to the director of criminal investigation [DCI], the duo lured the victim to a room at the guest house but left a few moments later.They were spotted leaving the room and proceeding to an ATM.My first advice, always don't carry your ATM with you when going to bars or any other entertainments joints,and if in any case find yourself having your card,pass it to the managements of the bar to take good care of it.

The next important point is good not only for your finances but for your health. NEVER consume any alcohol that was opened at your absence.In many cases this drug are dissolved in liquids.

photo: Kenya police

Carry what you intend to use for entertainments ,the rest leave it at your home.Also avoid connecting your phone to your bank account.

If possible avoid taking alcohol with strangers,this will reduce cases such as being stupefied and theft

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