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Road Accident

Kile Naomba Tu Ni Msaada Nirudi Shule, Street Boy Pleads With Wellwishers

A street boy in Emali town in Makueni,has pleaded for help from wellwishers,to help him get back to back.He reiterated that,he doesn't want any money but school fees only.Adding that he dropped out of school due to lack of fees after his father died in an accident. 

According to Athiani radio station,the boy narrated how he ended up being a street child.Saying that one evening in 2019, his father was riding a motorbike carrying his sister.Then a police vehicle knocked him down and he died.Luckily his sister survived but her leg was cut as result of injuries incurred.

"Baba yangu alikua amebeba dadangu jioni mwaka wa 2019.Wakagongwa na gari la police na akafariki.Dadangu naye hakufa ila alilazimika kukatwa mguu.Tokea hapo sigeweza kusoma kwa kukosa karo.Ndio nikawa chokora.Naomba tu msaada nirudi shule",he narrated.

The boy however didn't talk of the whereabouts of his mother. However according to area residents, she died before husband.

Dear men and women, whatever little you have can safe and brighten the future of others.Let's learn to help.

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Athiani Baba Emali Kile Naomba Tu Ni Msaada Nirudi Makueni


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