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Road Accident

Grisly Accident As Passengers Escapes With Minor Injuries

Traffic police officers and Kenya wildlife services have managed to arrest the driver of the 'probox' vehicle that knocked down the elephant in Manyani. They driver escape after the incident but the passengers informed the traffic police officers about the issue and managed to visit the scene. Passengers revealed that the driver was driving at a high before the accident. They declared that all the lights of the vehicle was not working properly and that is why the driver causes the accident.

The traffic police officers revealed that the driver admitted that he was driving at a high speed and he will face the consequences of the law. They warned all the drivers that they should be careful while driving to avoid such cases of accident. Furthermore, he added that all the drivers should be driving while they have a driving license. All the transport activities have resumed after the police officers managed to remove the elephant on the road.

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