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Last Words Said By The Old Grandmother Moments Before Being Beheaded

Up to now, police officers are still investigating the Manari area murder case whereby an old granny aged 83 was mercilessly beheaded by her grandson. According to reports from several residents who knew the lady, she was basically protecting her piece of land and that was what brought conflicts to an extend of being murdered. Initially, people said that she was involving herself in witchcraft activities and that was why she was attacked by her grandson. The witchcraft allegations were however termed as null and void. Today, 'Nation' has revisited the story and they interviewed several people who were close when that lady was being beheaded by her grandson. It has been reported that this young man harassed his grandmother so much and she was in tears all time. It has been reported that she really begged for mercy telling the boy to spare her. She went ahead and bargained for her life using the money she had. 'Nitakupea pesa nko nayo kwa nyumba'. These were the words which she kept on insisting bargaining for her life but the young man never listened. He ended up leaving her dead.

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