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Happening Now: Long Queue of Vehicles Bring Traffic to a Stand Still Along Thika Road from Kahawa

The long queue of vehicles along Thika Road causing major traffic.

Traffic congestion across various major highways in Nairobi city have been a major worry to city operators as halt and make long delays to busy Kenyans.

Congestion was relieved along Mombasa highway with the completion of the Nairobi Expressway, but Thika highway and Jogoo Road still experience jams.

According to reliable Ma3Route news podcast, several Kenyans are stranded on heavy traffic jam along Thika Highway from Kahawa to Parklands with several vehicles on long queue in all lanes.

The reports claim that the congestion which is on the stand still will make several delays to Kenyans who are hoping to get home quickly after their long day of work.

Watch how the traffic has been brought to a stand still along Thika Road from Kahawa to Parklands this evening:

How will the government get rid of the jam along Thika Highway?

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