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Warembo Sana" Photos Of 9 Beautiful Ladies Who Perished In Bus Tragedy

Soldiers from the Kenyan Defense Forces have allegedly pulled or rather retrieved the body of a woman who is reported to have been found dead in River Nziau under unclear circumstances.

Among the people who were on the bus, ladies were many. Death by drowning usually occurs after the lungs fill up with water and are not capable of taking in oxygen.

This leads to la ack of oxygen supply to the heart and eventually to the brain and within 2 minutes, the whole body completely shuts down.

A person who is drowning tries their best to save themselves by holding air to avoid breathing in water.

The families of passengers of the ill-fated Mwingi Catholic Diocese church are still in deep sorrow and grief for the loss of their loved ones who died in River Enziu as they were trying to get to a wedding ceremony, 30 kilometers away from Mwingi.

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