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Road Accident

Accident Involving A Gas Tanker Occurs At Kisaju Along Namanga Road, Kajiado County

Different accidents have continued to occur in different parts of our country. Some families have not returned back to their homes while others have gone back with injuries. The accidents should have been avoided but due to negligence, some life's have been lost today.

This afternoon, another accident involving a fuel tanker has occurred at Kisaju which is along the Namanga road, Kajiado County. Unlucky, the tanker has not overturned on the road but it has rammed into a small valley which is aside of the road. No death has been reported as police quickly arrive there for a quick response to avoid the gas exploding.

All drivers are advised to always remain vigilant while on the road to avoid accidents. Those who violate road rules and regulations should be quickly reported to the relevant authorities for action against them for risking the life's of others.

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