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How To Avoid Being Pick pocketed In Nairobi City

If you're a resident of Nairobi and it's metropolitan area, you have probably lost your phone or anything valuable, maybe seen someone loose something to criminals who are often swift and bounce when they get an opportunity.

There are people who came to Nairobi to harvest what they never sowed by robbing other Kenyans who have worked hard to earn their money. The way these goons snatch your phone leaves you mesmerized thinking is just a dream. However here are tips to avoid being pick pocketed while walking around Nairobi.

1. Always wear trousers with deep pockets

Pick pocketers look for any protruding phones, wallets and this makes it easy to snatch it easily without you noticing.

2. Avoid crowded places

While walking around CBD avoid crowded places and never allow anybody to come close to you or even touch you.

3. Avoid using your phone in public

Never receive your phone while walking in CBD no matter how urgent the phone call is. You can find a safe place where you can make you phone and then return it to the pocket.

4. Watch your movement

Avoid walking in a straight line and walk in zig zag as no one will predict your next move. Some people may be following you slowly but when you walk in zig zag they will lose your track.

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