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The Lovemaking Age Is Now At 15 Years, Defiling A Child Below 15 Years Is Term Illegal In France

The child difilement is a major global health concern in the whole world. Although it is prevalent in some countries of the world, the literature on factors contributing to child difilement and vulnerability still exists.

The child defilement is traumatic and it's often associated with psychosocial problems in children, parental distress and significant social strain on families. According to the research that aiming at examining psychosocial outcomes in a defiled child, the studies shows that; the child who have been defiled is likely to server from several psychological problem.

Many countries of the world have set the age consent, for which a person is allowed to make love with someone. The age brackets which are normally allowed are normally the past 15 years and above.

In France republic, the lovemaking age consent has been set at 15 years. Under this legislation which has been signed into the law, lovemaking with children under the age of 15 years; is considered illegal and it's punishable by a jail term of up to 20 years in prison.

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