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Man Tells The Court He Slapped Wife For Serving Him Excess Food

A middle-aged man from Kibera Nairobi arrived home late in the night only to be served sukumawiki for a dish that had been prepared by the wife.

But the man got angry and slapped the wife several times when he was asked if he had left any money at home that day for food to be bought.

Appearing before court magistrate Derek kuto the man admitted to having slapped the wife 2 times when the wife cursed him with his generation.

She removed her clothes and sat on the table and placed my baby in her lap and begun cursing me saying that I would never be able to make baby's which is against the Luyha community the man said.

The woman however told the court her husband came home late in the evening and when she served him too much Sukuma wiki on his plate that is when the man got violent she told the court that his husband was cheating on her and when she found out the man got aggressive.

The court found the man guilty of the charge and will be detained until Friday 23 so that the judge can offer a proper ruling on the case.

What do you think is the best punishment for the man If you were the judge share your comments in the comments section.

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