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Meet A Well-known Judge Who Attempted To Recruit Kenyan President Into Freemasonry

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Regardless of the mystery surrounding the Freemasons, tales, and conspiracies, no one can deny the organization's influence on Kenya's historical documents.

An early attempt to hire Mzee Kenyatta, the country's first president, and Duncan Ndegwa, the head of the public service, demonstrates the organization's clout.

Walking in Kenyatta's Struggles is an e-book written by Ndegwa, a public worker who recounts his experiences campaigning alongside Kenyatta.

From what he's heard, Kwash Udum, a judge on the Court of Appeal, once sought to get the country's first president to become a Freemason.

At the time, many members of Africa's elite were recruited to join the cult and told they must keep silent about what went on inside freemason lodges.

When Kwash asked Kenyatta to join the cult, the elderly man became so upset that he almost annihilated the Kenyan Freemasons.

But the trendy attorney of the day, Charles Njonjo, intervened and told him it was fine.

Ndegwa also claimed that freemasonry would be allowed to operate freely during the late President Daniel arap Moi's administration.

The monarch of the United Kingdom is a freemason who defends the practice and has close ties to the Masonic fraternity. Some members of the Royal Family may be Freemasons.

Ndegwa argued in his e-book that freemasonry was responsible for spreading slavery throughout Black Africa. The former head of Kenya's central bank has claimed that members of the Organization of Independent States are to blame for some of the crimes that have persisted in the country since it achieved independence.

An excerpt from the e-book states, "Its best Cecil Rhodes became the founding father of what we now call apartheid- the gadget wherein Africans were to be demoted to a category of sub-human and excluded consequently from the white guy civilization."

Some of the people the club claimed authority over include Lord Delamare, Colonel Grogan, and many other illustrious Kenyan colonists.

Freemasons played a crucial role in shaping the early Nairobi layout, constructing some of the city's greatest remarkable and robust structures.

Several notable structures in Nairobi, Kenya's capital, may trace their origins to the work of freemasons, including the All Saints Cathedral, Kipande House, Pan Africa House, National Archives, State House, Kenya Railways headquarters, High Court, and City Hall.

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