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Kenyans React As The First Electric Bus Is Spotted In Nairobi

Matatus are the major means of transport in Kenya's capital city and they have been at work for a very long time. The matatus have been a source of income for many people who are employed as touts and drivers. Soma matatus Saccos also employ control individuals who help to direct the matatus to routes that are less congested to save time.

One of the biggest problem associated with these matatus is that they use fossil fuel hence release carbon gases and noise to the environment. This is dangerous to the environment given the efforts being made by world countries to protect the environment. The introduction of electric buses in Kenya's Matatu business has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans. The first electric bus was spotted in Nairobi CBD this morning while picking passengers.

One thing that was noted is that there were no touts hanging from the doors like we see in the other matatus. Its doors are electric and therefore require no tout to open them. Speculations have been made that if the buses infiltrate the matatu industry many people will lose their jobs as conductors. Some people have complained because this is the job many depend on and if it disappears then they won't have anything to depend on.

Below are some of the comments Kenyans gave on Twitter;

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