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Do you do these 5 Harmuful Things in a matatu?

5 things That Can Harm you While Inside a Matatu

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Most people in Nairobi commute on a daily basis to their work stations and the common means of transport is Buses or matatus.

I Personally use a matatu to commute from Umoja to Nairobi CBD and as days go by I have noted that there are several things that people do in the matatus that end up harming themselves.

Below are Some of 6 things that are dangerous when done inside a matatu;

1. Chatting

Chatting inside a matatu is not safe as most of the seats are congested making your colleague see whatever you are doing with your phone. When you start chatting in a Matatu just be sure that your conversation is not safe. If you have a very important information let it wait until you reach your destination.

2. Using M-Pesa services

Never use Mpesa while in a Matatu. Your pin is your secrete and remember the colleague next to you could be malicious.

3. Sleeping

Never sleep in a matatu. Sleeping makes your mind temporarily shut down and you will not be aware of what is going on around you. You may also miss your stage.

4. Giving ksh 1000 as Fare

Do not give ksh 1000 to pay for your bus fare. If you do make sure you do not think of anything else that may make you easily forget eg listening to music, watching a video or calling someone.

5. Placing wallet/ Phone on the back pocked

Do not place your wallet/ phone on your back pocket as this risks you of losing it. In most matatus there are passengers who stand and you may be a target to pickpockets.

Thats all for now. Take care whenever you are in a matatu. Be safe.

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