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A Surprise Ocean Scene At Kenyan's Coast Revealed

The whale

Scenes of deadwhales have become a common occurrence in the rescent past. Trapped whales been found in the coastal lines of Australia, Tasmania and in Georgia in the US.

Due to global warming, the natural habitat for whales is slowly getting destroyed. Their young ones often get lost from their families and wander around to unknown destinations.

Occasionally, whales are at times affected by generational migration due to ocean pollution. Slight change in water ph due to industrial effluence can force whales to migrate from one locality to another for a very long period of time. I

In Georgia for example, blue whales migrated from the region only to seen back after many years.This happened after numerous effort had been put in place to ensure the cleaning of the ocean was carried out to migrate on the effects of pollution.

The whale that was sighted in the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya surprised many people who gaze at the ocean. Such occurrences especially during the festive season like this would attract more tourists to the coastline with the expectation of catching a glimpse of the whale scenes by themselves.

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