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Maajabu: Meet Kakamega Pastor Who 'Sleeps-With' Bees In His Bedroom

A man in Kakamega is currently leaving in fear after locals named him a witch over his mysterious behavior.

Murimi, who is also a pastor in a local church, has reared bees in his home for over 40 years.

And some of the beehives are inside his bedroom.

But it has not been easy for him.

Not that the bees attack him or he doesn’t make money from the venture but some neighbours, who don’t understand why he would literally live with bees, have branded him a witch.

According to him so many villagers question how he manages to live with bees inside his bedroom and they never attack him.

This has raised so many questions on his beliefs with some branding him some bad names.

Murimi said it was easy for him to trap the swarm of bees to his bedroom since he lives near the forest.

Nevertheless, Murimi confessed to making a fortune on the sale pf honey, according to him a hive gives him close to 80kgs per harvest with a liter of honey retailing at 1000 shillings.

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Kakamega Murimi


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