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Teacher lands In Hot Soup For Beating Up Grade Five Pupil Causing Grievous Harm To Him

[Photo courtesy for illustration purposes]

A primary school teacher has been arrested for allegedly beating up a grade five Pupil.

The teacher is said to have physical assulted the minor, causing injuries in various parts of his body.

According to the reports,the teacher committed the crime after the student failed to complete his homework.

Confirming the incident the area police boss,Mr Simon noted that it is true the arrested the tutor and is currently booked in a police Cell waiting to be arraigned in court.

"Ni kweli tukio hilo lipo, mwalimu tayari tumemkamata tunamshikilia na tunaendelea kumuhoji"Said Mr Simon.

Narrating the incident,the mother of the pupil,said that his child was injured by the teacher,who mercilessly beat him up.

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She narrated that the teacher decended on the minor with blows and kicks before picking a cain a whipped him thoroughly.

"Niligundua tatizo la mwanangu kuumizwa, baada ya mtoto kupata homa kali usiku, nilimpa Panadol lakini haikushuka, asubuhi niliamka kumuandaa ili nimpeleke hospitali, ndipo nikamkuta na majeraha mbalimbali mwilini,"Said the Mother.

I wish the victim a quick recovery and advise teachers to teach and go home to avoid landing themselves in trouble.


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