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Woman Catches her Husband in the Act with 2 Women Lying in her Bed Without Clothes at Night

A man in Kibera who was used to inviting other women in his house whenever his wife went for a trip found himself in trouble after his wife caught him red-handed with two women in her bed.

Witnesses said that the man was always very humble whenever his wife was around and this made her believe that he was a God fearing man and could not engage in infidelity , but this changed when his woman made a step out of the house. He did it by inviting other women in his house to offer satisfaction.

Neighbors saw how the man acted when his wife was away, they made attempts to convince the woman that her husband was engaging in infidelity but she chose not to hear from them citing that they wanted her to break up with the man she loved.

One day, the woman being a business person decided to go for a business trip, she informed her husband who was very happy that she gave him Ksh5,000. The woman left the house but unexpectedly came back at around 9:30 pm, she walked straight to her bedroom and caught two women in her bed without their clothes on.

The woman questioned the women on why they were in her house but they failed to answer, she gave them two hot slaps and promised never to spend a night on that bed again. She also promised her husband that she will soon call it quits when she finds out that she is still seeing other women.

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