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Good News To Family Of The Serial Child Killer Wanjala As Elders Issue Conditions For Burying Him

The serial child killer mastern wanjala has caused sleepless nights among his family as they are afraid of burying him at their home ground ,afraid of some of the evil sprits.

Wanjala who escaped from police station ,was lynched and killed by a crowd in their home following his murdering of young children ,he was suspected to have killed 10 children.

Now its good news to family of mastern wanjala as elders issues some of the condition that will lead to the burial of Wanjala safely without causing any disruption in the family .

According to elders ,Wanjala should be buried near a river bank ,this is to ensure that the family and the clan forget about him completely .

Second condition is that ,the seial child killer will be buried in the death of night ,and this will evert the evil spirits and it would be done in regard to the traditions of Bukusu .

Lastly ,Rituals shall be performed before the burial and also after the burial .This is to ensure that the elders diminish the evil spirits that may hunt the family later .

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