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Heavy GSU Trucks Spotted at The Westlands Expressway Exit Eliciting Reactions

There have been a lot of GSU trucks seen at the Westlands Expressway exit. This occurs just a few hours after Nakuru County police detained a man they believe to be the mastermind of the deadly "Confirm" gang. Numerous homicides and robberies in the community have been attributed to the gang.

According to Peter Mwanzo, the commander of the Nakuru County Police, the suspect was arrested after receiving information.

Peter Mwanzo, the commander of the Nakuru County Police, informed the media of the tension that existed in several areas of Nakuru and pledged to send out strong security teams to the area. Mwanzo pledged to guarantee the safety of every inhabitant of Nakuru.

"I want to assure you that from today, you will notice the government's presence. You can observe the power of the government starting now and continuing through election day and afterwards. The "Fanya Fujo Uone" security crew will be sent out. We know that the gangs have moved, and some of them have reached Molo, after things heated up in Nakuru. To smoke out these criminals, we will ensure that the entire Rift Valley receives the same treatment as Nakuru." Peter Mwanzo, the commander of the Nakuru County Police, said.

Soon after Nakuru County Police Commander Peter Mwanzo made these comments, information about the presence of large GSU trucks near the Westlands Expressway exit in Nairobi has come to light. Kenyans, though, have responded to this. Here are a few of their responses:

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