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Road Accident

Stupid Common Driving mistakes

On our roads we have very many vehicles of all models and size. Its wise to always take your self as the only sober driver on the road for you never know what the other drivers are up to.

Below are some of the most common mistakes drivers commit leading to serious accidents.

1. Not adjusting The mirror properly.

Side mirrors are of great use when driving, some drivers take them for granted and don't adjust them properly. Drivers should always be able to see others vehicles coming from behind to avoid accidents.

2. Driving too slow in the passing lane.

Driving too slow in the passing lane mostly at the highways can lead to serious accidents. This mistakes also delays other drivers as they too have to drive slowly.

3. Not turning the turning signal.

Its important to always turn on the turning signal to make other drivers know of our intentions. Not using signals can lead to serious accidents especial when the vehicle at the back was driving at a high speed.

4. Riding the brakes.

Its very unnecessary to ride the brakes for this practice wears out the brakes quickly. This act can also cause fender benders and more serious accidents.

Lastly, using daylights at night. Daylights are dimmer than night lights in almost all vehicles. Using them at night can hinder visibility leading to accidents.

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