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Road Accident

Painful: School Students Involved In A Grissly Road Accident Along Nairobi Mwea Highway

Residents of kambiti are in great shock after two people lost their live after a tragic road accident after truck rammed six vehicles along Nairobi Mwea highway. Several high school students sustained severe injuries after the incident and were rushed to the hospital for medical checkup and treatment to avoid any complication that may arise due to this horrible incident.

Photo courtesy, image used for evidence and illustration only.

The two ho died were taken to the mortuary for preservation and autopsy awaiting for the burial day to be set by their family members. Investigation process has started to know the main cause of this horrible incident.

Photo courtesy, image used for illustration purpose only.

Drivers are being requested to avoid overspeeding vehicles to avoid such incident from happening. Those who will not adhere to the rules set aside will be taken to court and be judged according to the law.

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