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"Uchungu Rohoni, Ni Kama Kifo" Selina Recounts How She was Forcefully Circumcised While Giving Birth

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Pokot council of elders has agreed to join hands with the national government to completely end forceful 'cutting' of girls in the region.

In an event organized the the elders yesterday evening, elders entered into agreement with all Pokot clans that no more forceful 'cutting' will be tolerated. A bull was slaughtered to mark the event with elders warning that whoever goes against the covenant and continues to forcefully cut innocent Pokot girls will die.

Speaking to Nation Africa, an elderly Selina Chepkerker who is a victim of the forced 'cutting' recounted how she was forcefully cut when giving birth for the first time. Selina disclosed to Nation Africa that traditional midwives in Pokot do not attend/help ladies who have not been 'cut' to gibe birth. They demand that one undergoes the process before being attended to.

Selina recounted that she thought she had escaped the painful process until her time to give birth to her first born child came. All midwives refused to attend to her, she was forced to accept the 'cutting' when in labor. "Ni uchungu inashika akili, roho pamoja na mwili mzima, ni kama Kifo," explained Selina. She had to bear the 'cutting' and labor pains at the same.

It is this extreme pain that made Selina become a girl protector that she is now. She is currently at the forefront of condemning this brutal activity in her homeland.

Lucy Cheptoo who is also a west Pokot resident told Nation Africa that she narrowly escaped the brutal rite. She ran away from home at the age of five and came back a full grown educated lady who could not be coaxed to do something she knows is wrong. She and Selina are one of the few Pokot natives who are against the vice.

According to her, deeply cultured natives believe that a girl who has not been cut is dirty. She cannot serve men and she's separated from other girls until she agrees to undergo the cutting.

Speaking to the Media, West Pokot Governor Lonyangapuo said that the region had become the home ground of all human malpractices due to lack of education. According to him, Pokot has had a different story to tell now compared to afew years back when the vice was deeply rooted. His goverment is investing in education to completely uproot this culture.

The process that begins with shedding off a few teeth is sometimes fatal and can lead to death. This who found it difficult to accept the new reality cross over to Uganda and Tanzanians where strict laws do not exist, they're cut and later return to Kenya after healing. # STOPTHECUT

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