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Meet The Young Man Who Survived a Five-storey Horrifying Jump In Mombasa

On Friday afternoon kenyans were treated to a shocking clip after a man reportedly jumped from a five Storey Building in Mombasa.

In the clip, the young man was seen falling several feet down with many fearing for his life.

However, according to sources, the young man now identified as Daniel Dangesima, 27, against all Odds survived the horrifying jump.

A well wishers who went to coastal general hospital traced him down where he found him dazed and bruised from the shocking ordeal.


Many across the internet wished him a quick recovery with some saying he should be offered mental health care before he thinks of taking his life again.

Moha... May Allah rewards you in this life and the life hereafter.You zeal to fight for humanity is celebrated by many .

Sonya... This is good and kind of you please let us know the ward and bed number so we can go see him and see way forward for him.

Said... this is very sad may Allah see him through,may Allah bless you and your team my brother jazakumullah khayran

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Daniel Dangesima


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